Terms & Conditions

Your order is a legally binding contract under which you (the "Customer") and City Carpets (Newport) Ltd ("City Carpets", "We", "Us" or the "Company").  have rights and obligations. If you are unsure, please seek independent advice.

  • All delivery dates are estimatedm delays are not in breach of contract.
  • Fitting dates are made on your behalf with an independent contractor. Times can vary due to the nature of the business, such changes are not within our control.
  • If fitting is not required and your order if for delivery only, the delivery is only to a specified address and not a specific room within the address.
  • Exact colour and texture between seperate pieces of carpet may differ, especially between 4 and 5 metre rolls.
  • All carpets and vinyls are sold/cut to the nearest 10cm in length with a minimum order value of 1.5m All sizes are approximate and within a tolerance of plus or minus 1.25% in accordance with BS3655
  • We are responsible for all products and services. The fitter is responsible for the quality and standard of work and any liability arising from the fitting service.
  • Cancellation of orders is at the discrection of Management, any order cancellations will be subject to a mininium charge of 25% of the original order value calculated at full price for the goods.
  • Rooms must be cleared of furniture and old floor covering before fitting unless otherwise agreed. Failure to do this will result in delays to your flooring fitting and We cannot be held responsible for these delays.
  • Home decor may be marked or scuffed during fitting. Home decor such as wallpaper and paiting should be allowed to dry for approximately seven days.
  • Doors may need to be removed and trimmed to allow clearance for your new flooring. The fitter may remove the doors to allow for fitting, but they will not trim the doors. You are responsible for appointing a carpenter to carry this work out for you.
  • Please ensure that the floor covering received is the correct size and colour prior to it being fitted. If you inform us after the carpet has been fitted, we will be unable to replace the flooring and no refunds will be given. Any faults must be reported to us immediately.
  • Carpets will flatten in all areas, especially walkways and heavy traffic areas. Purchasing good underlay will help reduce this. As carpets flatten they may appear to be a slighty different shade in colour; such shading and flattening is not a fault, berber carpets use a random blend of colours which may result in a line effect. These characteristics are not a fault and do not affect the wearing properties of the carpet.
  • Orders can only be cancelled if we are in breach of contract. Refunds will only be given at the disrection of the management.
  • Your statuatory rights will be honoured.